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3 Things You Could Recover if Your Employer Breaches Their Contract

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Even though Illinois is an “at will” employment state, there are still circumstances where an employee may be able to sue an employer for breach of contract.

Contracts may be more than a specific written agreement signed by an employer and employee; other written documents, or even unwritten standards adhered to by an employer concerning the way the majority of employees are treated may be considered contracts by the court.  For instance, if a company has an employee handbook that delineates procedures, dress codes, or behaviors that employees are required to follow, and employees are required to sign a statement agreeing to the policies in the handbook, the handbook becomes a legal contract between the employer and the employee.

If an employer allows certain employees to take longer lunch hours, extra time off with pay, etc., they may be at risk of breaching an unwritten contract between the other employees, and the company, if other employees believe they are suffering discrimination.

If an employer breaches their contract, there are 3 things the law may allow them to recover:

  • Company benefits and loss of wages they were eligible to receive if they had not been unfairly terminated – if an employee finds employment after the termination, any wages or benefits earned in their new position will normally be deducted from what the former employer would have to pay
  • Reinstatement in their former position
  • Compensation for emotional/psychological harm resulting from their wrongful termination

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