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Affirmative Action Michigan Decision to Affect the Future of Affirmative Action in Chicago

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According to many reports, the Supreme Court’s April, 2014 decision to move toward prohibiting the use of racial affirmative action for the purpose of college admissions in Michigan can lead to sweeping changes that not only affect college admission’s programs in other states, possibly all the U.S., but also other public employment and contracts affirmative action programs currently have in place. This is already the case in Michigan where the decision does restrict using race as a basis for preferential consideration in contracting and employment positions in both local and state government.

Citizens’ Influence on “Race Neutral” Affirmative Action Decision

Many people view this decision for Michigan Universities as directly in line with the Fisher v. University of Texas 2013 decision to sharply prohibit using race in making decisions concerning college admission programs.  In addition, this decision to amend Michigan affirmative action programs was voted on and passed by the citizens of Michigan, which many view as being the most democratic way a decision of this nature should be made.  Michigan citizens view this amendment as being race neutral, whereas government leaders view this decision as a disturbing trend that will be used against minorities, and some even suggest the decision sets the U.S. back over fifty years.

It goes without saying that the Michigan affirmative action decision will impact affirmative action programs in many other states in the near future including affirmative action in Chicago.

Legal Guidance for Impending Changes to Affirmative Action in Chicago

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