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Is Bereavement Leave Protected in Chicago?

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A leave from work to care for your own medical condition or a serious medical condition of a loved one is typically covered under employment laws. The employee’s job will be held for the specified length of time as per their employment contract. However, if the employee loses a close family member, most companies do not have the same policies for bereavement leave. Funeral attendance and a grievance period are not protected unless your company has specified policies available to their employees.

The loss of a spouse or a child can have long-lasting and devastating effects on an employee. Some employers recognize the need to allow the worker to take a short leave of absence to plan a funeral and grieve their loss. However, some employers enact strict rules that prevent needed time away. If the employee chooses to take time off from their job, the employee could face termination.

Change for Bereavement Leave Protection

The state of Oregon is leading the way in making changes to their state laws that will offer protection for bereavement leave. Oregon employees will be allowed up to two weeks of bereavement leave if they suffer the loss of a family member. Other states will hopefully see the importance of this necessity and follow suit in creating laws to prevent terminations. Illinois lawmakers need to take note and offer a plan for employees’ protection.

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