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Breach of Contract

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Chicago Attorneys for Breach of Contract Cases

Fighting wrongful termination in Illinois and southwestern Michigan

While most employment these days is “at will,” certain employees are hired under a contract that stipulates a specific term of employment and specific causes for termination. Absent clear evidence of cause for discharge, a termination would breach the contract, and the employee could sue for damages. Goldman & Ehrlich has vast experience in breach of employment contract lawsuits. For more than 25 years, our Chicago wrongful termination attorneys have represented fired employees and businesses in wrongful termination actions alleging breach of contract. Our knowledge of the law and insight from litigating both sides of the issues make us uniquely well qualified to assist in your contract dispute. Direct access to a partner attorney means you’re getting experienced, focused professionals on your side from start to finish. Contact us today!

Employees’ remedies under a breach of employment contract

Our Chicago employment lawyers have negotiated settlements and brought cases to trial to recover monetary damages and other relief for wronged employees. If your employer breached your contract, you could recover:

  • Lost wages and benefits – You are entitled to the wages and benefits you would have earned had you not been terminated, minus the wages and benefits you earned in any job you found after your termination.
  • Specific performance — In some cases, you may be able to obtain a court order that directs the employer to reinstate you.
  • Emotional distress — Compensation for emotional harm suffered as a result of being wrongfully fired may be available in certain situations.

Constructive firing: oppression and tortious interference with contract

An employer doesn’t have to come right out and fire you to be guilty of wrongful termination. Hostile treatment and arbitrary and unreasonable demands that make your life so miserable that any reasonable person in that situation would feel compelled to quit are also grounds for legal action. A Chicago wrongful termination attorney can explain how oppressive actions by your employer that interfere with your ability to fulfill the terms of your contract violate the law.

Justifiable termination: when the employee breaches the contract

An employer may believe that there are grounds for terminating en employee’s employment contract, or may be unsure if there is sufficient evidence to terminate the employee. There may also be possible breaches of a non-compete clause or disclosure of confidential information. Goldman & Ehrlich helps employers with reliable counsel on due process for investigating employee misconduct, or advising whether there are appropriate grounds for disciplinary action. We also defend you against claims of wrongful termination in circuit court.

Contact our Chicago employment contract attorneys

If you have been fired in violation of your employment contract, or you represent a business charged with committing a breach, call Goldman & Ehrlich at 312.332.6733 or contact our Chicago office online.