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Can an Employee Assume Responsibility in Sexual Harassment?

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While everyone is aware of the employer’s responsibility in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, many may not realize that an employee also assumes some responsibility to provide a workplace that is free from sexual harassment.

Employees should be committed to doing the following:

  • Become educated on your company’s sexual harassment policy.
  • Understand your own attitude towards sexual harassment and ensure you do not participate in any form.
  • Be alert of others who engage in sexual harassment, including subtle verbal or non-verbal behavior that could be viewed as offensive.
  • Discourage this type of discriminatory behavior.
  • Do not dismiss sexual harassment; if you believe you are suffering from others’ behavior; avoid smiling, laughing or joining into the circumstances. Tell the person who is acting poorly that you do not want that type of attention.
  • If you are able, you should tell the harasser that his or her comments or actions are having a negative impact on your job.
  • Seek legal advice from a Chicago sexual harassment attorney to develop the best plan of action for a positive resolution.
  • Keep a written record of all incidents, including the date, time, location and the people involved.
  • If you know another employee is suffering from sexual harassment, offer support and encourage that person to address the problem.
  • If you actually witness with your own eyes or your own ears any perceived sexual harassment, you can take the necessary steps to remedy the situation or assist the victim in their pursuit of justice.

Chicago Sexual Harassment Legal Counsel

Goldman & Ehrlich takes great pride in helping victims of sexual harassment, and in education employers and employees on the prevention of sexual harassment. Contact our firm today to see how we can help.