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How to Claim Your Unpaid Wages in Illinois?

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In January of 2011, the state of Illinois made it easier for employees to collect unpaid wages by eliminating the need to file a complaint with the state prior to seeking legal ramifications. Wage theft is a general term used when an employer fails to pay an employee what he or she has earned.

An Illinois employment attorney at Goldman & Ehrlich can help you determine if you have an unpaid wage claim. In addition, you may be allowed to file a case against the individual owner of the company as well as the company itself. Your legal fees can also be included in the claim.

Do You Have a Valid Unpaid Wage Case?

Unpaid wages can stem from a number of different scenarios. The following examples may indicate you have a valid unpaid wage claim:

  • Temporary employees – a company must report all hours to a staffing agency to ensure you are paid properly, including any overtime you have worked.
  • Pay-cards or Stored-valued cards – employers may violate state laws if they use a pay system that charges you to withdraw your wages with a pay-card.
  • Vacation time – state and federal laws mandate how vacation pay is accrued, and how it is paid if you are fired or if you quit.
  • Illegal time clocks – some electronic time clocks will round down to the nearest fifteen-minute increment, and you may be underpaid as a result.
  • Drivers and school bus drivers – some drivers are classified as not eligible for overtime wages. However, drivers for commercial vehicles under 10,000 pounds and school bus drivers are usually eligible for overtime wages.

Illinois Employment Advocacy

This is by no means a complete list of all circumstances that can lead to unpaid wages. The employment attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich have extensive knowledge of all Illinois state laws, as well as all federal laws to help you receive your unpaid wages. Contact our firm today to see how we can help.