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Defending Your Business Against Harassment Allegations

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Since a few landmark cases in the 1970’s and the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings of 1991, state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to sexual harassment have continued to evolve. Most employers have gone to great lengths to protect their employees from harassment and sexual discrimination in the workplace. Yet it has become increasingly more difficult to keep up with the nuances and changes in discrimination laws.

What To Do When A Complaint Has Been Filed

Before you’re first move, thoroughly review your employee handbook and published disciplinary procedures and speak with Goldman & Ehrlich attorney. Here are a few things an experienced employment law attorney can help you navigate.

#1 Conducting Your Own Investigation

You’ll want to do your own investigation into the facts of what happened. Our team can help you ensure you are acting within the law and protecting yourself throughout your investigation. We may advise that you use someone from the outside who will treat all complaints as valid until proven otherwise, gather facts, and take copious notes to document findings.

#2 Giving Warnings Where Appropriate

When an employee is found to have been guilty of an act that is less severe than sexual harassment, a warning or a change in department may be all that is necessary.

#3 Terminating Perpetrator When Appropriate

If the employee’s claim is found to be true, you may have no choice but to terminate the employee responsible. Our team can provide appropriate legal counsel as to how to remain within the confines of employment law in this process.

#4 Adjusting Handbook And Procedures As Needed

The best defense of harassment charges comes in clearly defined handbooks, policies, and procedures. Speak with us about how we can review your policies and procedures and help sharpen them for the future. When harassment complaints are made and as discrimination laws evolve, it is good idea to reflexively review these documents on a regular basis.

Proficient Defense For Employers

When you need proficient defense against harassment charges we are skilled the trial attorneys you need. Leverage the benefit of our winning history having successfully defended numerous managers, executives and businesses from false allegations or sexual harassment.

Contact our Chicago sexual harassment attorneys

If your organization has been charged with harassment or any other employee discrimination complaint, fully employ the experienced counsel of Goldman & Ehrlich. Our team is uniquely prepared to represent your interests. Call us at 312.332.6733 today or contact our Chicago office online.