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Hiring Disabled Employees

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The Chicago discrimination attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich have over 25 years of courtroom experience in dealing with employee and disability discrimination laws. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) enforces companies with 15 or more employees to make accommodations for Americans that suffer from disabilities as long as the company is not overburdened with provisions for providing reasonable accommodations. In this way, equal opportunity laws can be reinforced to include disabled person(s). The attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich are dedicated to serving the needs of their disabled clients that have sought out legal counsel regarding infringements on their employment rights in regards to their disability. The legal team at Goldman & Ehrlich also defends employers that have been unjustly accused of breaking the laws that surround the Americans with Disabilities Act or have not been able to comply with the standards that have been impressed upon them.

How Can Disability Laws Impact Employers and Employees?

The ADA protects disabled individuals from being discriminated against in areas of employment including state or local government positions, public transportation jobs, telecommunications, and commercial facilities. A person that the ADA defines as disabled has a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits their activities. The ADA does not list all disabilities that fall into this category, but the ADA does state that a person who is perceived by others as having a mental or physical disability that limits their activities and a person with a medical history or record of disabilities would also be considered as disabled. Thus employers have to be careful when making decisions regarding what is and what is not considered a disability. Employers must provide their disabled employees with the same opportunities for employment as their non-disabled employees. Promotions, hiring, recruitment, training, pay, and social activities are all components that fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are an employer or an employee who needs an attorney, the attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich can offer legal services regarding your rights in a disability case or law suit. Feel free to contact
Goldman & Ehrlich to obtain expert legal advice.

Can an Employee Be Terminated Because of a Disability?

Employers are prohibited from terminating employees based on a disability as this is considered wrongful termination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If an employee becomes disabled, then employers must provide them with reasonable accommodations. If you are an employer that is concerned about terminating an employee who may be considered disabled or you are an employee that has been terminated solely on the basis of your disability, the attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich can help you determine if a case can be made by either party. Contact us today to get started.