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Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

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Consider this: a typical workplace. Conference calls, meetings, production deadlines, coffee breaks, and casual Fridays typically come to mind as part of the daily work routine, however, when it comes to wearing religious garb in the office, prayer breaks or other accommodations associated with religion, we’ve got a bit of a different story on our hands.

Religious Discrimination in America

America is built on an individual’s right and obligation to express himself or herself freely, as stated in the Bill of Rights. Regardless, there is still a tension between a person’s right to believe and practice religious traditions and our culture’s right to limit and stay away from disruptive behavior. This has always, and continues to be, a source of strain in the workplace.

A new national survey released by the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding makes the statement that more than one-third of workers report observing or being subjected to religious bias at their work. The survey, “What American Workers Really Think About Religion,” examines religious bias and discrimination against American workers.

An Employee’s Rights

Career promotions, opportunities and the right to gain equal pay are just the beginning of freedom from religious discrimination in the workplace. The right to wear ornaments or religious garments should be an included accommodation, as well as time off for religious observances.

An Employee’s Rights

An employer wants high productivity and morale in their workforce. There has to be a balance between an employees conformity and free expression that allows a worker to focus on his or her tasks at hand. Contact our Chicago religious discrimination attorneys

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Do you believe that your religious freedoms have been infringed? As an employer, have you been accused of discriminatory practices based upon the limits you set for religious expression in your workplace? The office of Goldman & Ehrlich can help. Our Chicago employment discrimination lawyers are professional trial attorneys with experience defending our clients’ civil rights complaints. We have a thorough knowledge of case law as it pertains to religious discrimination. Call us at 312.332.6733 today or contact our Chicago office online.