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Severance Packages: What You Deserve and Your Company’s Obligation to Pay

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Severance Packages

A severance package from your employer can help keep you afloat financially as you look for another job, however, you must understand what a severance package is as well as what the average severance package is worth. Knowing this will make sure you are being compensated fairly. During hard economic times, a severance package can be a cushy buffer in case your company downsizes. It is imperative you know how to negotiate a reasonable and fair severance package as well as the conditions of your severance in order to decide whether severance is a good option for you.

Am I Legally Entitled to a Severance Package When I Am Laid Off?

Not necessarily. There is no requirement that your employer provide you with a severance package of any king. While an employer must provide unemployment compensation as a benefit, they are not legally obligated to give you any sort of severance pay.

How Much Can I Expect from a Typical Severance Package?

There is no set amount to what may be offered through a severance package. If you are an hourly employee, it is unlikely that you will be offered anything at all. A general guide for severance packages is one week of your salary for every year of service to the company. Executives often request a month of salary for every year of service. When negotiating a severance package with your company, it’s a good idea to know the value of your service to the company. Use that to increase your chances at getting a great severance package.

By Accepting a Severance Package, Am I Giving Up Any Other Rights?

Most likely, yes. Severance packages are usually offered to employees in exchange for an agreement to forfeit any legal claims against the company. Consult a qualified attorney to balance the difference between your legal claims and what the company is offering in your package.


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