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I Was Trying To Protect a Colleague and They Canned Me!

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According to a recent Reuters article, a fired executive director of the State Bar of California filed what is called a whistle-blower lawsuit against the organization the very same day he was fired. The former employee, Joseph Dunn, a former State Senator who represented Orange County, claims that he was terminated without proper reasoning just after he filed an anonymous grievance to the bar’s trustees on Nov. 3, according to the complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

What are whistleblower laws?

Whistleblower protection laws are intended to make a way for employees to end, report, or speak out about employer actions that are illegal, unhealthy, or violate certain public policies.

How specific are the laws?

Unfortunately, one of the most controversial issues in whistleblower law is the precise definition of what kind of whistleblower actions are protected. In certain states, the definitions are very specific and narrow, while others have broad sweeping descriptions. An employee or his or her legal counsel should diligently read through the state legislation concerning the definition for his or her state.

How can whistleblower laws protect me?

Federal law permits employees to come forward with discrimination claims without fear of retaliation. Activities protected by federal law are:

  • Protesting about suspected discrimination
  • Filing or threatening to file a claim of discrimination
  • Resisting discriminatory actions or policies
  • Declining to observe an order you feel is discriminatory
  • Collaborating with an investigation of discriminatory practices
  • Acting as a witness in an EEOC investigation or legal case

Chicago Whistleblower Claims and Retaliation Attorneys

Rights are worthless when intimidation stops law-abiding citizens from using them. For this reason lawmakers choose to protect employees who assert their privileges in the workplace from any retaliation from their employers. If you have engaged in a protected activity and are facing discipline up to and including termination of your employment, Goldman & Ehrlich is ready to help.

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