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What is Considered Workplace Bullying in Chicago

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Stories regarding children, teens, and college students being bullied at school are prominent in the news, but stories regarding bullying in the workplace are rarely published. However, this type of behavior occurs more often than most employers care to admit.

What is considered workplace bullying?  Bullying in the workplace often occurs when an individual is singled out by anyone in a position of authority over another individual, and treated in a demeaning, intimidating, embarrassing, or threatening manner.  Some businesses also appear to ignore bullying of an individual by a co-worker allowing the bullying to become rampant throughout the company.

Bullying in the workplace occurs when:

  • A supervisor or other person in authority intimidates an individual employee by yelling or using an abusive tone or language in communicating with that individual.
  • An individual employee is consistently criticized or blamed for mistakes made by others without justification.
  • An individual is intentionally excluded, or uninvited from business events that would normally include them.
  • An individual’s high performance is deliberately ignored.
  • An individual is consistently the brunt of practical jokes.

Unfortunately, many supervisors exhibit poor management and social skills in the workplace, and when their behavior affects several employees, it is not considered workplace bullying unless they single out an employee and behave differently towards him or her.

Many employees fear losing their jobs, or being further ridiculed if they report workplace bullying, and this does occur when negative behavior is ignored and allowed to go unabated.

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