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What Makes a Workplace a Great Place to Work?

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A recent workplace study found the following company attributes necessary to make a successful and enjoyable work environment:

  • Communication from the top:   Employees often feel left out, fearful, and disregarded as human beings when they see changes taking place that no one is willing to explain.  While it may be true that employees are being paid to do their jobs, and do not need to know the details of how, or why something is changing in their workplace environment, a wise employer or manager will make their employees feel valued by communicating with them. Otherwise, they run the risk of losing some of their best employees.
  • Building loyalty:  There’s an old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Employers and managers need to demonstrate their appreciation to their employees by getting to know something about each one, and appreciating a job well-done.  For those employees needing a little push, expressing concern about their lack of motivation could transform their becoming a successful and loyal employee simply due to your letting them know you care.
  • When possible, give employees an opportunity to buy into the business; perhaps in profit sharing.  Giving them some degree of ownership motivates them to do their part in making your business a success.
  • Do away with “bully” managers, or supervisors.  This was one of the most prevalent concerns expressed in the study.  We often hear about children and young adults being bullied at school or in college, but it appears to be extremely prevalent in the workplace.  Employers may think they need someone to play the “bad guy;” however, the damage to moral and employee loyalty causes more than one business to fail each year, and all too often, employers overlook this glaring problem.

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