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Employment Law for Employers

Chicago Employment Lawyers Defend Company Interests.

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Employment Discrimination

Aggressive representation for workers and employers.

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Wrongful Termination

Illinois lawyers fight for clients in unwarranted dismissals.

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Established Chicago Employment Attorneys

Reputable firm represents workers and employers on a full range of employment law issues

Goldman & Ehrlich is a Chicago employment law firm which concentrates on employment litigation and employment discrimination. We represent private employees, Federal, State, County and Municipal employees and small businesses in Chicago, the surrounding counties and southwestern Michigan in actions alleging violations of federal and state laws regarding:

Experienced trial attorneys for plaintiffs and defendantsFor more than 25 years, our partner attorneys have effectively represented and counseled employees and small businesses in actions for wrongful discharge and claims alleging violations of Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, Sarbanes Oxley, USERRA and the Illinois Human Rights Act, as well as various common law actions.

What sets our Chicago employment lawyers apart is our vast experience and continued practice on both the plaintiff and defendant sides of employment law cases. We have the insight to anticipate the claims and tactics from your opponent and can therefore build your case to withstand arguments against you.

We regularly appear in court and before local, state and federal administrative bodies, including:

Another distinguishing feature of Goldman & Ehrlich is that each of our clients has direct access to the partner attorney who personally handles his or her case. Our attorneys have a wealth of information, resources and skills dealing with employment agreements, contracts, disputes or work situations — information that an employee or small business lacks.  We can help you establish effective protocols before you experience conflicts, and advise you on how to manage conflicts before they escalate into threats of lawsuits or a wrongful termination.  With the benefit of our sound counsel, you can evaluate available remedies and make informed decisions about how to proceed.  As skilled Chicago mediators, we often help parties resolve issues and avoid costly litigation.  In the courtroom, we protect your rights when litigation becomes necessary direct access to skilled Illinois litigation attorneys.

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