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At-Will versus For-Cause Employment in Chicago

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It is important for an employee to understand the legal terms that constitute his or her employment in order for his or her rights to be protected. At-will employment versus for-cause employment can be confusing, and the terms are often misused.

At-Will Employment Defined

At-will employment means the employer can terminate your position “at-will,” without just cause, and without notice unless the firing is in violation of employment laws. All federal and state laws, as well as company policies, must be abided by to prevent an unlawful termination. Whether you believe the termination is justified or unjustified has no bearing upon the legality of the firing.

For-Cause Employment Defined

For-cause employees are somewhat more protected than at-will employees. A for-cause employee cannot be terminated without legitimate reason that has been documented and brought to the employee’s attention, along with an opportunity to correct the behavior. The employer must be firing the employee “for-cause.” Typically, labor unions protect against at-will termination. Government employees are also usually hired under for-cause agreements.

Chicago Employment Lawyer Advocacy

You owe it to yourself to understand the terms of your employment. The expert employment lawyers at the Chicago firm of Goldman & Ehrlic will help you understand your employment contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and protect your rights. If you have become the victim of an unlawful termination, our employment team will advocate for you to right the wrong. Contact our firm today to seek the best employment law guidance available. We will fight for you.