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Disability Discrimination Attorneys in Chicago

Chicago discrimination lawyers assist workers seeking accommodations for being discriminated against based on their disability

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) codified our country’s determination to allow full participation in economic, educational and social activities by all citizens. The landmark law tore down barriers by mandating reasonable accommodations in businesses and public places and prohibiting discriminatory treatment of employees based on their disability. Statewide, the Illinois Human Rights Act strengthens protections for disabled residents. At Goldman & Ehrlich, we represent individual plaintiffs whose rights have been infringed as well as plaintiffs and defendants for whom compliance is unduly burdensome. For more than 25 years, our Chicago discrimination attorneys have appeared in state court, federal court, the Illinois Department of Humans Rights and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in actions to uphold the dignity of each and every client.

Termination based on a disability

Employees who had been productive workers are sometimes terminated when they become disabled though they can still be productive at work.  We can enforce your rights when the employer refuses to provide you with a reasonable accommodation or terminated you solely because you have a disability.

Litigating disability discrimination in employment

State and federal laws demand that employees who are otherwise capable of performing the essential functions of their jobs be allowed reasonable accommodations for their disabilities. Controversies over discrimination often come down to a disagreement on what is reasonable. Here, Goldman & Ehrlich has an advantage over other discrimination lawyers in Chicago, because of our 25 years of experience representing workers with disabilities and small businesses with a limited budget. Our dual perspective allows us to find creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Contact us today and let us get started on your case.

Fighting hidden discrimination in the hiring process

Perhaps the most disheartening experience disabled people face is knowing they weren’t hired because of their disability, but not being able to prove it. Such cases cry out for a staunch advocate who empathizes with your plight and has the experience to construct a case for relief. Goldman & Ehrlich is ready to challenge businesses on their hiring protocols, their interview processes, and their record of accommodation to get to the truth regarding apparent discriminatory practices.

Enforcing access laws and public accommodations

Society has made great strides in public accommodations, such as providing wheelchair access and welcoming guide dogs and working dogs. However, there are still some establishments that marginalize disabled persons by failing to comply with access regulations. If you have been demeaned by this type of discrimination, our Chicago discrimination lawyers can help. Likewise, if you feel you were wrongly accused of denying a disabled individual access to your business, we can defend your interests.

Contact our Chicago disability discrimination attorneys

If you believe you’ve been subjected to disability discrimination in hiring, in the workplace, or in public accommodations, or you represent a business named in a complaint, Goldman & Ehrlich can help. Call us at 312.332.6733 today or contact our Chicago office online.