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Laws enforcing equal career opportunities have benefited women who now occupy more management positions than ever before, and have paid dividends to businesses that now have a deeper talent pool from which to draw productive workers. Yet, this obvious win-win situation has not removed all tensions related to men and women working side by side.  For more than 25 years, Chicago discrimination attorneys at Goldman & Ehrlich have fought for women seeking the acceptance they deserve, and for businesses wrongly accused of gender discrimination. Based on this experience, we have keen insights we can bring to your case. Contact us today!

Chicago discrimination law firm assists women on various issues

Women in America are guaranteed equal opportunities in education, employment, housing and public accommodations. Goldman & Ehrlich has represented many women in actions under state and federal statutes, including:

Equal opportunities for women in publicly funded education include the right to financial aid and athletic participation on par with their male counterparts. Equal employment standards mean that women cannot be discriminated against in hiring, salary, retention or promotion because of their gender, marital status or desire to have a family. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must be granted reasonable accommodations in the workplace and, under certain circumstances, time off to attend to critical family matters. Women may not be discriminated against in applying for a mortgage. If your rights have been infringed, our Chicago discrimination law firm can help with attentive, personalized legal representation from experienced partner attorneys.

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