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Legal Victory against the City of Chicago

A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court against the City when it terminated the plaintiff, a Deputy Commissioner, just 5 days before she was to begin her leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. Based on the evidence presented on behalf of the Plaintiff, the jury rejected the City’s claims that the termination was based on alleged performance problems and found that the City terminated her in retaliation for seeking medical leave under the FMLA. The court awarded damages in the amount of $179,000 and ordered the City to pay all of Plaintiff’s legal fees.

When Employment Law Attorney in Chicago Arthur Ehrlich, Partner of Goldman & Ehrlich, was asked about their successful verdict on behalf of their client, he stated, “It was gratifying to see that the jury and the court properly weighed the evidence and upheld the rights of a well-respected employee who was treated unfairly. This was a long and hard fought victory.”

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