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Local Lawyer Wins Ruling Against the United States Postal Service

Arthur Ehrlich, partner in the employment law firm of Goldman & Ehrlich, recently obtained a finding against the United States Postal Service. The employee represented needed a very simple accommodation for his disability. These reasonable accommodations would have allowed him to deliver mail on his route.  However, the United States Postal Service refused to provide the accommodation request.  This unreasonable refusal forced the employee out of his job, and exasperated his disability, resulting in emotional distress. Following a trial before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an Administrative Law Judge ruled that the postal service’s failure to provide a reasonable accommodation was a violation. Specifically, both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act had been violated. Our client was therefore awarded damages, and reimbursed for all attorney fees.

Representing federal employees working for federal agencies poses a special challenge in contrast to those employed in private employment. Federal jobs adhere to different rules, proceedings and time periods. The Chicago employment attorneys of Goldman & Ehrlich have extensive experience representing federal employees in discrimination and wrongful termination cases. If you would like to have Goldman & Ehrlich represent you in your case contact us today online or by phone at 312.332.6733 to get started.