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My boss fired me for not giving him a massage

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When you are in the employ of another person, there are rules that keep that person from taking advantage of you in unscrupulous ways. Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be demeaned in order to keep a job. If the above situation or anything like it applies to you, then you owe it to yourself to seek the right legal assistance immediately.

Your Financial Situation

Times are hard. If your boss is trying to use the leverage of rising costs of living and personal emergencies to your disadvantage, then you need to act. If your boss fires you because you have too much dignity to conform to unsettling demands, then your income will take an immediate hit. However, you should not be put out just because someone else is trying to use you! Understanding how the law protects you against this kind of dehumanization is the first step to protecting yourself from it.

You do not have to go broke just because you did not want to give your boss a sexual favor or any undue attention. As a matter of fact, you may be entitled to many damages beyond your salary or wage if the court finds your boss to be in violation of certain statutes. You will never know unless you know the law, and you have people who can argue the law convincingly on your side in the courtroom.

Your Personal Well-Being

There is a great deal of social stress that goes along with the evil behavior of a superior. You may be scared to tell anyone about the situation for fear of more social ramifications. You must first realize that someone else’s extreme behavior is hardly your fault. You did not bring this on yourself, no matter how your boss may try to spin the encounter.

The law can also help to provide for your personal well-being. Under the appropriate circumstances, you can receive compensation for the social embarrassment that you potentially face because of the loss of employment as well as the sexual misconduct of a former colleague. Do not hesitate. Get the legal help that you need today.