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Chicago Religious Discrimination Attorneys

Protecting constitutional and statutory rights for workers and businesses

The right to free expression of religion has a special place in American life, as it is the first right safeguarded in the Bill of Rights. However, there has always been a tension between the individual’s right to believe, which is absolute, and society’s right to limit behavior that may be disruptive. For more than 25 years, Goldman & Ehrlich has represented workers and employers in legal disputes over religious discrimination in the workplace. Contact us today by phone 312.332.6733 or online to discuss your religious discrimination case today.

Chicago employment discrimination lawyers assert employees’ rights

Freedom from religious discrimination goes beyond the right to receive equal pay and career opportunities. It also includes reasonable accommodation of one’s religious practices. Accommodations may include the right to wear religious garments or ornamentation, and time off for religious observances. However, accommodations are dependent upon the type of work one does and the setting. If you believe that your religious freedom has been infringed, our Chicago discrimination attorneys can help. We provide personalized service with an experienced partner attorney. Unlike other discrimination lawyers in Chicago, we prefer to work with individual clients on their claims. Rather than subordinate your issues to a group or certain named plaintiffs, we assert the particular facts of your case and work toward a suitable remedy for you as an individual. That remedy may include injunctive relief, where the court orders your employer to discontinue discriminatory practices, or you could receive monetary damages for lost earnings.

Protecting companies’ rights to an orderly workplace

As an employer, you want high morale and productivity in your workforce. You know that there must be a balance between an employee’s free expression and conformity that allows workers to focus on their tasks at hand. If you have been accused of discriminatory practices based upon the limits you set for religious expression in your workplace, Goldman & Ehrlich can help. Our Chicago employment discrimination lawyers are experienced trial attorneys with vast experience defending civil rights complaints. We have a thorough knowledge of case law as it pertains to religious discrimination. We work closely with you to develop a clear and convincing defense, negotiate reasonable solutions and, when necessary, litigate in strong defense of your rights.

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